Terms and Conditions

  1. We are providing good quality jewelry in cheap prices.
  2. We have fresh jewelry pieces with good quality and fresh condition.
  3. We are not adding the shipping charge in jewelry cost because it increase the cost of jewelry and becomes costlier for the people who are taking jewelry in bulk because for that, they have to pay the shipping charge once for bulk jewelry too.
  4. The shipping charge depends on the weight and size of the pack of jewelry.
  5. We can’t return jewelry after selling once.
  6. We need payment first and after reflecting the payment in account we ship the jewelry or product.
  7. We are not responsible for any damage during shipping of the product.
  8. If any big damage occurs from my side then we will take the jewelry return and will try to provide you same or similar jewelry of same price.
  9. For bulk jewelry order we are providing discount of some percent.
  10. We are here to make the big brand name so; we never compromise with quality of the jewelry.
  11. The price of the jewelry is very affordable according the jewelry that means if you are taking jewelry in cheap prices so, never think that you will get low quality jewelry because we are maintaining the quality but it may be possible that any of the jewelry have some mistake, from thousand of jewelry piece so, it is just a coincidence.

 Why Jewelry from Here?

We are providing jewelry in cheap prices and the prices are very low comparatively the market and other online stores so, you can take bulk of jewelry piece to get more trendy and stylish look. We are providing good quality jewelry in affordable prices so, it is beneficial deal for you can you can start your own business in your city to sell jewelry after taking jewelry from here and you can take out the good percentage amount from here.

You don’t need to go any other city to purchase jewelry in low prices and also, no need to ask many things about the jewelry because you can directly search the jewelry information by seeing ads and then replay for any query about the jewelry.

You can also contact with us directly on Phone to get detail information. The Mobile No. is 09713854696

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