Toe Rings for Women

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1. Toe Rings for Women

2. Stylish and Beautiful

3. Good Quality White Metal Used

4. Durable for long lasting use

5. Provides long service in occasionally use

6. Blue Stones Toe Rings

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This Beautiful and stylish design toe rings are made for women to provide then stylish look on very affordable prices. This Toe ring set contains 2 pairs of small toe rings and 1 pair of big toe ring for big toe. The complete is good to get stylish look and best to wear on any special occasion to get stylish look. The Toe Rings are made of good quality metal which is good for daily use too, but after sometimes its color dulled so, best to use for occasionally.


The toe rings are available in beautiful blue stone and the big to ring has combination of blue and red stones which looks very beautiful. The toe rings are good for long lasting use and provides good service.


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