Stone braceletStone Bracelet for Women

Stone Bracelet for Women

1,500.00 560.00


  1. Stone bracelet for women
  2. Full of stone
  3. Patch closer present
  4. Available in standard size
  5. Stones are fixed as AD stones
  6. Comfortable to wear
  7. Designers & celebrities style bracelet
  8. Best gifting item

The stone bracelet for women available in full of stone which has broad floral design in the front of the bracelet and some thin stone design at the back of the bracelet. The shiny white stone present on rose gold tone bracelet which looks very stylish and trendy. The patch closer is present on this bracelet which is available in standard size so, it is good for any size women to wear. The broad bracelet is good to wear on glam parties and special occasions.


The bracelet is comfortable to wear because the inner part of the bracelet is very comfortable. This bracelet is also the best gifting item to present to someone special on any special occasion. This is the good quality stone bracelet for women because the stones are not stick on the bracelet; they are fixed as the AD jewelry items so there is no chance to remove it easily.


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