Spiral Stone Bangle

Spiral Stone Bangle

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  1. Spiral stone bangle
  2. Maroon, Green, Silver and Golden stones
  3. Stone attached in spiral shape
  4. Smooth inner portion
  5. Very stylish and trendy
  6. Cubic zirconium stones
  7. Available in 2.6 and 2.8 sizes


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The spiral design bangle is available in combination of four colors that are Maroon, Green, Silver and Golden. The four color stones present on this bangle set which are bounded in spiral shape so that the bangle is spiral stone bangle. The full stone bangle will provide complete party wear look and easily match with any color dress which may be traditional or trendy.


The stone are Cubic Zirconium stones which are properly attached on the bangle as original diamonds and stick on it. The inner portion of the bangle is smooth and comfortable to wear. The bangle creates beautiful shine when you wear it on any party and provides you different look. The set contains 2 bangles in each set. The bangle is available in 2.6 and 2.8 sizes.


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