Slim imitation BangleFull Stone Imitation Bangle

Slim Stone Bangle

250.00 120.00


  1. Slim Stone Bangle
  2. Stylish and Elegant
  3. Cz stone Bangle
  4. Full of stone with gold tone
  5. Good for office wear
  6. Durable to use
  7. Perfect to get party wear look
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The slim stone bangle is available in gold tone with full stone bracelet which contains 4 bangles in one set. This is the good quality bangle which contains good quality Cz stones which provides great luster. The bangle is available in gold tone and slim size which will provide you delicate look.


You can arrange these bangles with glass bangles to get heavy party wear look. You can also wear these bangles to get stylish, elegant and office wear look. The slim stone bangles are also good for young girls to wear single bangle as bracelet and the working women can wear it with any dress.



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