Silver Stone Metal BanglesSilver Stone Metal Bangles

Silver Stone Metal Bangles

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  1. Silver stone metal bangles
  2. Set contains 4 bangles
  3. Silver stones to arrange with bangles to make set
  4. Wedding and special occasion wear
  5. Durable to use
  6. Necessary to get heavy party wear look
  7. Available in 2.4, 2.6 and 2.8 sizes

The silver stone metal bangle is available in full stone party wear bangle which is available in silver colors and due to metal bas it is durable to use. The shiny silver stones present on this bangle set which mostly, women like to arrange with their glass bangles to wear on any wedding and special occasion. This silver stone bangle set contains 4 bangles in a set.


Generally, we are taking glass stone bangles and after breaking any bangle the set got destroyed but this bangle set is good to wear forever because it is made on metal base and the stones are stick on the bangle and if by chance any stone removes from bangle so you can stick any other stone again and then wear it. This is shower bangle set and necessary to make heavy bangle set.


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