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Rajwada Open Design Bangle

600.00 345.00


  1. Rajwada Open Design Bangle
  2. Stylish look with traditional Touch
  3. Golden Color Bangle
  4. Red Green Kundan makes it more beautiful
  5. Easy to wear
  6. Good for any size Hand

The Rajwada open design bangle has traditional design like rajwada jewelleries which found in traditional culture and now, it is available with some new touch and attractive design. The open design has very shiny golden color which provide posh look and beautiful red, green kundan present to make it more beautiful. The rajwada jewelleries are good to wear with any dress for get ethnic and stylish look.


This bangle is made on metal with gold plated polish which looks beautiful and the open design bangle is available in standard size. The top opening is easy to wear and good for any size hand because you just open it and wear.


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