long 3 layer chainStylish 3 layer golden chain

Printed Bead 3 Layer Chain

500.00 255.00


  1. Printed Bead 3 Layer Chain
  2. Good quality for durable use
  3. Stylish 3 layer chain
  4. Elegant and stylish
  5. Good for all age women
  6. Looking like original gold chain
  7. Best to wear on Traditional Occasions and functions

The Printed Bead 3 Layer chain has attractive look with 3 layer chain till neck and the single plain chain at the back of the neck. The medium size printed beads present in the chain with 3 layer chains. The good quality gold polish provides durability to use this chain for long time. The long chain provides you elegant and stylish look when you where it with any Indian or western wear.


The 3 layer gold plated printed bead chain is good for all age women who may be younger or older. It has look like original gold chain and you can use it at least for 1 year and if you want to use it for long time so use it occasionally. The simple chain present at the back of the 3 layer chain necklace which you can adjust by chaining the closer hook of the chain.


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