Pearl Dangle Earrings

Pearl Dangle Earrings

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  1. Pearl dangle earring
  2. Pearl and stone work
  3. Medium size earring
  4. Available in good quality
  5. Latest and stylish look.
  6. Party wear, festival wear, occasion wear and wedding wear.

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This latest design pearl dangle earring has eye catching look and provide great appearance when you where it on any special occasion. This earring is made on metal and the beautiful pearl and stone work present to enhance its look. The big green stone present on the top of the earring and the maroon stone present on the dangle of the earring.


The small cut pearls simply enhances the look of the earring and makes it some different and classy. This earring is available in medium size and attractive design. The earring is good to wear on parties, special occasions, weddings and festivals.


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