Peacock Bangle Designs

3,200.00 760.00


  1. Enameled pearl stone peacock bangle
  2. Heavy stone and enameled work
  3. Looking dazzling
  4. Provides gorgeous look on any party
  5. Open design bangle
  6. Available in standard size
  7. Perfect to get attraction

This enameled pearl stone peacock bangle designs has very attractive heavy pearl stone and enameled work present and it completely makes it very different and stylish look. The open design bangle with broad heavy look is best to wear on any special wedding to become the center of attractive. The beautiful of the bangle can’t be explained only by seeing image of it.


The blue peacock with heavy stone fills body and colorful enameled queue. The big pearl is present at the opening of the bangle to perfectly stable the peacock and lock it easily to enhance its look. The complete peacock bangle which provides you gorgeous look without adding more accessories. This bangle is available in standard size.


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