Multi Bead Necklace Set

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1. Multi Bead Necklace set
2. Multi-Color Beads and Cream Pearls Present
3. Big Pendant Present at Front
4. Matching Earrings Available
5. Good for Casual use as well as for parties

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The Multi Bead Necklace has beautiful rainbow colors which can easily match with any dress. This necklace is made of a combination of multi beads and pearls. The multi-color beads present at the front of the necklace and the cream color pearls present at the back of the necklace. The big multi-color pendant present to enhance its look.

The matching earrings available with the necklace which has multi-color petals. The drop design pearl present in the pendant and earrings to enhance the look of it. This necklace is good to wear in parties and special occasion. You can casually wear this multi-color necklace.


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