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Green Golden Cz Necklace with Kashmiri Ear-chain

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  1. Green Golden Cz Necklace with Kashmiri Ear-Chain
  2. Shiny Cz stone with shiny luster
  3. Good to Contrast with Red, Yellow and Blue Color Dress
  4. Matching Earrings and Kashmiri Ear-Chain present
  5. Complete heavy Party wear Look
  6. Good for Any Occasion & Party
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The green golden Cz necklace with Kashmiri ear-chain has very stylish and eye catching look which will provide you complete look for any special occasion and party with any heavy dress or simple dress. The Green and golden combination is very popular in trend and the dark green color provides vibrant look simply. The green necklace is good to make combination with red, yellow and blue color dress. You can also make some different look only by wearing earrings or heavy earrings with ear chain.


The Cz stone is good quality shiny stone which creates beautiful luster and creates heavy party wear look. The big round shape pendant available with drop beads and the ear chain also have the drop beads. The matching earrings as the pendant design available with the necklace.



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