golden bangle

Golden Bangle Set

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  1. Golden bangle set
  2. Durable to use
  3. Beautiful in design
  4. festival, occasion, office and daily wear bangle
  5. available in sizes
  6. complete bangle set

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The golden bangle set contains 6 bangles in a set, the two designer broad bangles and 4 slim bangles which are good to wear as complete set. The good quality gold polish present on the bangle which will provide you durable service and it is good to wear at least for one year in daily use because it is made on brass base and the brass metal mostly used to make golden jewelry items.


This golden bangle set is available in different sizes which are 2.4, 2.6 and 2.8 which you can select according to your desire. This bangle set is good to wear as office wear, daily wear and festival or occasion wear due to its beautiful design.



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