Enamel Peacock Bangle Bracelet

600.00 290.00


  1. Enamel Peacock Bangle Bracelet
  2. Open Design
  3. Vibrant color
  4. Standard size
  5. Party, wedding and festival wear
  6. Good to use as Single Bracelet


The Enamel Peacock Bangle Bracelet has attractive design with open Style which is easy to wear and good for all sizes because it is available in standard size. The beautiful enamel work present to enhance its look and provides vibrant colors to complete the look of the bangle. The blue peacock with red, green and white colors makes it beautiful and the stones provide attractive shine to make it party wear.


This bangle can be used as bracelet for young girls to beautify them with trendy look. This is the light weight bangle which is good to wear for long time and best for wedding, parties and festival type special occasions.


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