Enamel Bracelet Designs

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  1. Enamel Bracelet Designs
  2. White base with black lion design
  3. Durable to use
  4. Best for young girls
  5. Stylish bracelet
  6. Available in 2.6 size
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This stylish enamel bracelet designs is good for young girls or women who like to wear bracelet or bangle in single hand. The latest enamel design bangle which has silver and golden colors creates attractive look. The inner part of the bracelet is very smooth and good to wear for long time and the outer part is very stylish. The white base bracelet with black lion print present on the bracelet.


The good quality enamel polish present on the bracelet which provides you long lasting service and you can use it as daily wear bracelet. The bracelet bangle is available in 2.6 size which is good for young girls and you can gift it to your sister and friends.



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