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Broad Metal Bracelet

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  1. Broad Metal Bracelet
  2. Adjustable Size Good for Young Girls
  3. Provides Stylish Trendier Look
  4. Durable to use
  5. Best as Collage Wear Bracelet
  6. Available In 2 Designs

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The broad metal bracelet is open design bracelet which can easily fit to any size hand by adjusting its size. The front open bracelet is made of metal and available in black metal polish which is good to match with any color of dress. The inner part of the bracelet is very smooth and very comfortable to wear for long time.


This bracelet is good for young girls to wear as collage wear bracelet and it will provide then stylish look. This bracelet is available in 2 different designs and both are stylish looking. The broad bracelet covers your wrist and provides you trendier look.



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