Black Metal Toe Rings Design

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  1. Black metal toe ring design
  2. Contains 4 different design toe rings, each of two pairs
  3. Beautiful stone work
  4. Durable to use
  5. Best for gifting
  6. Stylish, trendy and latest
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The toe rings are very important jewelry item for any married woman in India and it’s design changes according to different culture and traditional. The modern working women like to wear some beautiful, trendy and latest design toe ring to get trendy look with traditional so, they like to wear this black metal toe rings design. This combo contains 4 different design toe rings and each of two pairs that mean, total 8 pairs of toe rings in one set/combo.


The black metal design toe ring is best for durable use because it never got yellow dur to long time use and comfortable to use. The top shapes of the toe rings are completely changed and the stone work is also different. You can also give some toe rings to your friends and use some pairs.


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