Antique American Diamond Pendant Earring SetAntique American Diamond Pendant Earring Set

Antique American Diamond Pendant Earring Set

1,200.00 530.00


1. Antique American Diamond Pendant Earring Set

2. High Quality American Diamonds

3. Good as Office Wear as well as Occasion Wear

4. Long AD Pendant with Small Studded Earrings

5. Drop Diamond to Enhance its Look.

6. Gold Tone Jewelry

The Antique American diamond Pendant Earring set has very attractive eye catching look due to its antique design of long pendant with drop diamond. This type of pendant set found in original diamond jewelry but here you can experience original diamond look on very affordable prices. The small studded matching earrings available with the pendant set which also has AD work.


The good quality American Diamonds present on the pendant and earrings in the combination of gold tone. This combination provides the posh look when you wear it on any occasion. The pendant set is also good to wear as office wear jewelry because it looks elegant as well as stylish.


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