Adjustable Funky Finger Ring

350.00 99.00


1. Adjustable Funky Finger rings

2. Aqua Green Oval Shape Gemstone like Bead

3. Metal Base Adjustable Finger ring

4. Black metal colors Base Metal with carving work

5. Good for All size Women

6. Best Gifting Item

The Adjustable Funky finger rings are very popular in trendy because these fingerings are available with metal base and big top of different colors Gemstones like Bead or stone which looks very attractive to wear with any Indian or western wear. This Aqua green funky finger ring has very attractive and trendy look with beautiful carving work on the metal ring.


This finger ring is good to any size women who may be some healthy or slim because it is the adjustable finger rings so, you can select it for gifting also. The fingering is available in oval shape with black metal finish so, there is not any problem in durability of color.


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