12 Nail Art Beginner Brush & Tube

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  1. 12 nail art beginner brush & tube
  2. Easy to operate
  3. Enhance your style
  4. 12 different colors
  5. Good quality nail art tube brush
  6. For beginners and experts too
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The 12 nail art colors available in one pack for nail art beginners and experts to make different arts on their nails to enhance the creativity and look only adding a small thing in your style. The nail art tube is very easy to operate because the very fine nib present in it which makes fine line by squeezing it then you can make your desired design with it. The nail can be used on the nail polish or directly on the nails as per you desire.


You can make your dress design on your nails by using matching colors. This nail art pack contains 12 color nail arts which contain black, white, red, turquoise, golden, silver, purple, yellow, green, magenta, blue and orange colors.



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